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UniverCities is a member of the Cities of Equality Partnership

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

UniverCities is pleased to announce that we have been selected by the Permanent Secretariat for the Urban Agenda for EU, as one of the 11 EU partners included in the Cities of Equality Partnership.

We will work to address specific issues related to equality within cities for the Urban Agenda for the EU, in partnership with the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (FR), Austria Tech - Sustainable Transitions Partnership (AT), the Municipality of Milan (IT), Konin Agglomeration Association (PL), the Municipality of Varna (BG), the Municipality of Heerenveen (NL), the Birzai District Municipality Administration (LT), the Eurocities (BE), ICLEI European Secretariat (DE), the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) (BE), USE Efficinecy Association (IT), under the overall coordination of Roma Capitale, ANC Territoires and the European Commission.

UniverCities strongly believes that Cities that "foster environments of equality are those that take into account the diverse needs of all individuals and social groups. They plan and provide equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation (LGBTIQ), religion and belief, race and ethnic origin (including country of origin), or socio-economic status, ensuring that no one is left behind." (cit. Urban Agenda for the EU)

The Association is committed in its everyday practice to making this statement, the baseline on which all its efforts are put in, by providing knowledge, and technical expertise, and by bridging the gap between Cities and RTOs.

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